Lore of Faerun

A Bit of Realms Lore

Faerun: aka the Forgotten Realms; the large continent that the game is set in. A grim, harsh world of magic and monsters where civilisations are built on and crumble into layer upon ancient layer of ruins left those who came before. Grim and harsh though it may be, it is not without it’s points of light and nor does it lack in terrible beauty, from it’s frozen norther reaches to it’s steaming, tropical southern extremes.

The Age of Strife: the current historical era of Faerun, officially beginning in 1358 with the first of the God Wars. This Age is defined by the many and varied crises that plague the world and the heroes that rise to meet them.

The God Wars: aka the Avatar Crisis, a spectacular event where all the gods of Toril found themselves banished from their divine realms and trapped in mortal form all across Faerun. It is believed that this was a punishment for their arrogance and neglect of their earthy spheres.

The Burning Plague: the much delayed and unexpected ‘grand finale’ of the God Wars precipitated by the murder of Mystra, the goddess of magic, by Cyric the Mad. Fire fell from the sky, the earth churned and split, and many were slain, warped and driven mad by the death-throes of the goddess. The dust is still settling after this heinous act, nearly thirty years later.

1385 DR: the Year of Blue Fire, the current year in the Dales Reckoning calendar. The calendar began with the long defunct unification of men and elves in the legendary realm of Myth Drannor.
Earthmotes: islands of land that float in the air. They can be as high as the clouds or just above the ground, and range in size from that of your fist to that of a city.

Plaguelands: ever-changing regions of eerie beauty where the Burning Plague is still in effect.

The Art: a generic term for arcane magic. Wizard, sorcerer, warlock, etc, are all common and interchangeable terms for anyone exhibiting magical aptitude.

The Power: the ability to command supernatural forces as bestowed by the gods, or otherwise divinely inspired capabilities.

Toril: the name of the world on which Faerun is situated.

The Great Tree: descriptive title of the metaphysical cosmology of Toril. Toril is the ‘trunk’ of the tree, the ‘branches’ spreading up into the Astral Sea and lead to the domains of the gods, and the ‘roots’ extend down into the Netherworld and the raw stuff of creation therein. Toril itself (a flat world) is suspended in a great crystal sphere, and around it orbit the sun and moon, and the stars dance across the inner surface of the sphere.

The Astral Sea: a timeless, radiant expanse wherein the gods make their homes, and to which the souls of the dead eventually migrate via the Shadow Realms.

The Netherworld: the churning raw stuff of creation from which the mortal world was forged. It is raw creation and potential, a vortex unbound by the order of the mortal realm.

The Shadow Realms: the dark echo and dismal shadow of the mortal world where the souls of the recently dead begin their journey to the afterlife.

Faerie: the bright, larger-than-life reflection of the mortal world where fey spirits reside.

Returned Abeir: the long lost sister world of Toril. During the Burning Plague, some elements of Abeir merged with Toril, most notably the continent of Laerakond, the fate of the rest of the world is unknown.

Laerakond: the large island to the west of Faerun emerging in the aftermath of the Burning Plague. It is a godless land ruled by dragons where the Primordials sleep.

Primordials: enemies of the gods from before the birth of the mortal races, the Primordials took Abeir as their own and left Toril to the gods after much conflict. The death of Mystra caused the borders between the realities of Abeir and Toril to breach briefly, causing the Burning Plague and depositing parts of Abeir on Faerun and causing widespread chaos and destruction.

The Underdark: a nightmarish, labyrinthine underworld that exists beneath all of Faerun; the Underdark is an endless, mind wrecking cave network with vaults large enough to swallow entire kingdoms and seethes with horrors undreamt of in the Lands Above.

Lore of Faerun

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