Lore of Cormyr

The Land of Cormyr
aka the Forest Realm, the Emerald Kingdom.

Cormyr is an ancient constitutional monarchy situated in the Heartlands of Faerun, situated between the Netheril Empire and the Sea of Fallen Stars. Cormyr is a land dominated by rolling, verdant hills and thick, tangled woodlands nestled between two mighty brackets of sky clad mountains. Although the power of the monarch is absolute, the people are generally happy with his light and enlightened rule. Below the royal family, however, are a great many noble houses who are somewhat less content with the sovereign than the peasantry. Three symbols typically represent Cormyran character and heraldry; the stag, the unicorn and the dragon. The stag is the nobility of the realm’s people, the unicorn is the majesty of the realm itself, and the dragon is the terrible wrath of both when threatened.

In recent years, Cormyr has been forced out of its long isolationism and into imperialism as it desperately tries to keep its mortal enemies at bay. The old king wept for the horrors he was forced to unleash in defence of the realm, but his now aged son has demonstrated a much greater thirst for war and conquest than his father. Dark agents from the Netherese Empire have turned every shadow in Cormyr into a font of paranoid fear, the threat of war with neighbouring Sembia has drawn the nation’s warriors eastwards, and the savages infesting the mountains are boiling forth like their home’s endless storms.

Faresea Marshes: a festering, disease ridden expanse speckled with ancient ruins and providing a hiding place for a virtual nation of bandits, exiles and savages.

Hullack Forest: a primeval and haunted expanse of woodland, and the inspiration for many grim and colourful folk tales in nearby settlements.

King’s Forest: a mysterious sylvan expanse guarded religiously by the royal family’s elite guard, any attempt at intrusion is dealt with extremely harshly.

Marsember: a city built on a series of islands joined many elegant and artful bridges; the garden City of Spice is Cormyr’s economic capital.

Stonelands: a blasted, rocky border region forming a buffer between Cormyr and Netheril, the Stonelands writhe with goblins, orcs, gnolls and monstrosities fouler still.

Storm Horns: high, razor-sharp and virtually unbroken, these mountains are where the remains of a once mighty orc horde seethe and plot in the shadow of raging dragons.

Suzail: the royal capital of Cormyr, Suzail is the home of the royal family, their navy, war wizards and the Dragon Knights; it is also a hub of international trade and intrigue.

Tunlands: a bleak land that legends say is under the pall of an ancient curse.

Thunder Peaks: named for the epic storms that constantly scour these mountains, the Thunder Peaks contain fabulous mineral wealth and dwarven ruins haunted by an unnamed terror.

Vast Swamp: if not for the impassable bogs, lizard men, trolls and other horrors, the Vast Swamp would be constant battleground between Cormyr and Sembia, but as it is neither nation dares go near it.

Wheloon: once a wealthy city of art and culture, the entire population was convicted of witchcraft and sealed within their own city, the gateless walls are now used to imprison the most dangerous criminals in the land.

Wyvernwater: a mist cloaked and fey haunted lake of deep, clear water, the people of Cormyr have been known to flee here in their hour of great need.

Lore of Cormyr

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