The Consuming Sack

A burlap sack with a healthy appetite.


A large, unassuming burlap sack apparently of the kind slung over the shoulder of labourers and farmers the Realms over, this particular example carries a powerful enchantment. Contained with the sack is an extra-dimensional space of extraordinary size, capable of containing a seemingly endless supply of treasure, illicit goods, dead bodies, and anything else an adventurer might want to stuff into a sack. What’s more, the sack appears to know what the owner wishes to retrieve, bringing the item in question to hand as soon as said hand is thrust into the sack.

Of course, such magic is not without a cost; the sack must be fed, and has the power to seek out sustenance on it’s own if it’s owner is neglectful. The sack must be fed with a regular supply of magic; it is not fussy about the source or nature of it’s meal, as long as it is a significant contribution. If left hungry, the sack will quickly become irritable and childishly petty; refusing to let go of needed items, spitting random items out at inopportune moments, and clamping down on hands attempting to retrieve goods and refusing to let go.

If the sack’s deprivation continues, it will become animate and aggressive. It will crawl about in a similar fashion to an inchworm, eat anything of value, attempt to suffocate people by throwing itself over their heads and making frequent bids for freedom (either by stealth or simply running towards danger). The sack possesses intelligence equivalent to that of a dog and can vocalise, mostly in the form of loud munching, slurping and belching noises.


The sack came into the possession of the party in the Haunted Halls near Eveningstar, Cormyr.

The Consuming Sack

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