The Black Blade

A powerful weapon that has it's creator's obsessive thirst for conquest.

weapon (melee)

An elegant, two-handed sword with a blade of black steel and a pommel and cross-guard of silver and gold, the Black Blade is enchanted with a wide range of combat magics. The more attuned and dedicated to the blade’s cause the wielder becomes, the more deadly the weapon is in their hands.

As ever, such great power is not without it’s perils. The blade has it’s own mind and agenda, and it quite mad. It demands nothing less than world conquest, and will stop at nothing, sacrifice everything, in order to further that singular goal. The further it drags and coerces it’s wielder down this path, the more daring and paranoid it becomes; demanding ever more suicidal assaults on it’s enemies, and becoming more convinced that those around it are part of a grand conspiracy to prevent it’s goals.

If the Blade is denied, it will first loose power in it’s wielder’s hands and later try to turn others against them with promises of power and glory, eventually calling horrors from the shadows to assail it’s unworthy possessor until they are dead it it is given up.


The Black Blade was found by the party in Rivior’s throne room buried in the depths of the Haunted Halls, where it had lead it’s original leader to ruin with their shared madness.

The Black Blade

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