Josidiah's Jounral

A large, leather-bound tome of exceptional utility.


Josidiah’s Journal is a large and most weighty tome, bound in ancient, gnarled, and largely unadorned leather and containing a seemingly endless number of of eclectic pages, bookmarks, inserts and odd markers. Each page is filled to the margins with reams of text in countless hands and languages, scribbled notes, diagrams, sketches and stains of all imaginable origin. There is no order to it’s content; descriptions of mundane plant-life and it’s alchemical applications appear on the same page as accounts of meetings with demon lords and details of how to conduct a legitimate Halruuan wedding in the summer months. There is no index, and the content, order and even number of pages appear to be inconstant.

However, the Journal is made more than a mere curiosity by virtue of it’s powerful enchantment. It is endowed with intelligence, encyclopaedic knowledge of it’s contents and the ability to converse with it’s possessor in their native tongue. Any inquiry put to the Journal is likely to receive an answer, though the tome is unlikely to admit to ignorance, and will almost always waffle, ramble and drift off topic unless carefully managed by the wielder.

Josidiah’s Journal also has a less whimsical side; it constantly thirsts for new knowledge, and the more obscure and dangerous these secrets are, the better. The tome will demand ever greater contributions to it’s collection of curiosities the more it is consulted, and will become progressively more sulky and spiteful the more it is denied and ignored. The Journal is even capable of leading abusive owners to their doom by spinning elaborate webs of deceit, guiding them from one disaster to another with carefully plotted lies.


Josidiah’s Journal was found abandoned in the depths of the Haunted Halls near Eveningstar, Cormyr. No indication of how it came to be present there was apparent, but it had clearly been there for some time.

Josidiah's Jounral

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