Madness on the Moonsea

Session 3: King of the Craud!

in which an ally arrives with an unusual army.

The party finally roused itself to investigate the enemy that had fallen upon the ship, finding them to be a swarm of predatory fish-men from the depths of the Moonsea come to plunder cargo and feast on human flesh. After ‘helping’ the situation, and all the sailors were dead, the party joined battle with this new enemy. Their number was seemingly endless, but the party faught hard to save the now flaming, sinking vessel.

As the battle raged, up from the murky depth welled strange salvation. Thoradin, the party member left to secure (burn down) the groups business in Mulmaster had raised (stolen) a legion of craud to explore the high seas, conveniently happening upon his colleagues. The self styled King of the Craud rode his mighty steed into battle, leading crab-beasts into glorious battle with savage fish-men, sending some of his more trustworthy (midnless) craud leutenants to rescue other party members from the inky depths.

Meanwhile, on the ship, Eldon had other ideas for securing victory. Securing a keg of blasting powder from the ships hold, he cast it with gleeful abandon into the nearest open flame. Moments later, an almighty blast tore the ship in half and cast the few survivors into the foaming sea.

So ended the life and times of Eldon the Gnome; Pyromaniac Extraordinaire. His mangled body claimed by the depth as those he left behind quietly cheered.

What followed was a strange salvage opperation involving a novel application of magical extradimentional spaces and millions of gallons of water.

So endeth the session.


XP and Loot:

- XP: 500 for slaughtering the Sahuagin and causing mayhem.
– Total XP = 7’500. LEVEL UP!!!
- Loot: Nothing appreciable, it all went down with the ship.

Session 3: King of the Craud!

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